Business Loan Marketing 201(Become a Trusted Advisor)

By Charles H. Green

Finding new borrowers and keeping in touch with previous clients is a challenge in the day-to-day combat to work through applications and get deals funded. With everyone deluged with too many emails and snail mail becoming too imagesexpensive, finding more reliable – yet cost effective – ways to develop a loyal following is difficult.

“Business Loan Marketing 201” is my occasional forum to offer ideas, strategies and best practices to finding new clients and staying in contact with former clients in an effort to keep your business pipeline full.

Strategy #1 – Become a Trusted Advisor.

Consider this scenario: You’ve closed a loan for a good client, they’re living the dream and on their way to a bright future… until the storm hits, a hacker steals their client data or a fire wipes out their facility. Regardless of insurance protection or government assistance, roughly 40-60 percent of small businesses never reopen after disaster strikes.

Disaster planning and preparedness can be the lifeline that means the difference between a business surviving these challenges and staying in operation.

Did you know that the U.S. Small Business Administration partners with Agility Recovery to offer periodic free webinars dealing with the Top 10 Most Common Mistakes During a Crisis?

What would it cost for you to suggest this webinar to everyone on your mail list? Not much. Is that more relevant to business owners than learning you’ve just closed another loan? Of course.

Tell them something that they need to know, rather than something you want them to know. They’ll recognize the difference and open your mail more often in the future.

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