You Did What?

By Charles H. Green

How many times have you really – I mean REALLY – done a great job, were featured in the media or even honored with an award for your accomplishments, but there was no one at the finish line to cheer for your work? If you’re like most of us, it happens with too much frequency while some lazy so-and-so down the hall is always preening for compliments for minor efforts that just don’t compare.

Later when your distinguished service or award is mentioned in passing, your true friends are astonished that no one outstanding worktold them about these deeds, but it’s too late to bask in the moment – you’ve moved on.

We recognize this problem and want to give the spotlight to outstanding business lenders around the nation, dedicated to recognizing the hard work, notable accomplishments or just the brilliant strategic moves you’re making to build and grow our industry.

Welcome to “Capital-Movements,” our new feature column that will be watching out for many different kinds of accomplishments to recognize here, but will also be counting on your assistance to let us know what you know.

Do you know of a colleague that deserves a shout-out? Just make a terrific hire and want to tell the world? Ready to blow your own horn over the mountain you just scaled? Don’t keep this news to yourself – pass the word along to us at

We welcome announcements, media alerts, news releases and good old fashioned “tell it on the mountaintop.”

No need to be shy – opportunity is lurking around the corner but needs to know who to call. We look forward to learning more about you.

Charles H. Green

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