Networking Again?

By Charles H. Green

As a new young banker in the 1980s, it was drilled into me how important networking was to developing my business. Chamber of Commerce, Jaycees, Young Museum League, Homebuilders Association…. the list goes on forever.

Yet looking back some years later, I recognized that most of my business came from people AOL10who weren’t standing around making conversation over some warm beer. Rather it came from someone who’d been working during those hours growing a business, getting a building under contract or negotiating for a better deal.

So how are you finding new clients?

Lendio, recently announced today strong sales and users for its SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, Lendio Pipeline.

Launched into beta in October 2013, Lendio Pipeline was designed to help business loan officers and departments improve their efficiency to build successful long-term relationships with small business borrowers and close more business.

“Lendio is proving to be a very useful tool to help our loan officers keep track of all their interactions with our small business loan customers,” said Jarod Phillips, Director of Market Development at Bank of Idaho. “We haven’t been using Lendio very long, but our loan officers like it and feel like it will help them further develop their portfolio of small business loans. It’s nice to see our lenders ditching the legal pads.”

Innovation is changing many aspects of capital distribution and the business lenders will be greatly impacted by those changes.

Lendio is among a few innovators that are providing new inroads to finding clients that need capital – those too busy to stand around sipping on those warm beers.

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