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Financial Statements 101

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Does your bank account look very healthy but your banker keeps turning you down? This webinar is definitely for you. Learn how to understand the financial statement that others use to make decisions about your business.

You’ll hear what the numbers on your financial statement are really saying about the health of your operation. You will learn how to turn that information into success from a seasoned banker who has managed more than 1,500 small business clients.

In this 75-minute presentation, you will also learn:

  • What step-by-step explanation of every line of a financial statements.
  • What the principal statement components are and how they connect.
  • What the balance sheet can reveal about your past and future.
  • How the sum of assets and liabilities is connected to your profits.
  • Key ratios between accounts that can predict short term outcomes.
  • How to decipher profits to get to the heart of your issues.
  • How to read financial trends and why they are vital to you as a manager.
  • What is vital to understand about your depreciation and amortization costs.

Enrollment in this webinar includes the presenter’s complete program notes that will be made available before the broadcast, and the presenter will respond to all Q&A afterwards.

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