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How to Build a Winning Financing Proposal

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Looking for funding but don’t know where to begin answering all of the questions that will follow? This webinar is definitely for you. Learn how to build a comprehensive financing proposal that will answer most questions before they’re asked, and be positioned to respond to any further examination.

You’ll hear how to organize your information that makes the funders decision go faster, and elevates your negotiating position. You will learn it all from a seasoned professional who has been involved with more than $300 million of small business financing.

In this 75-minute presentation, you will also learn:

  • What a business plan is and how it should be used.
  • Some basics about sharing any information with anyone outside your business.
  • What the plan components are and how seriously you should take each one of them.
  • How to anticipate and address a lenders need for documentation and information.
  • The sum of business and personal information necessary to get through underwriting.
  • The role of your credit score and how to lower its negative impact on your future.
  • How to deal with a negative situations from the past.
  • How to ensure your lender is on the same page with everything you’ve shared.

Enrollment in this webinar includes the presenter’s complete program notes that will be made available before the broadcast, and the presenter will respond to all Q&A afterwards.

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