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Navigating Third-Party Financing

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Looking for funding to start a company, grow your business, or just finance more working capital, but don’t know how to distinguish debt from equity? This webinar is definitely for you. Learn how to identify the many funding choices available to business owners at every stage and where to go for the financing your need.

You’ll hear how to qualify for and negotiate with each distinctive type of financing source, and determine exactly what it will cost you. You will learn it all from a seasoned professional who has been involved with more than $300 million of small business financing.

In this 75-minute presentation, you will also learn:

  • What financing options are available with debt and equity, and what’s the difference.
  • How third party financiers evaluate you and what their objectives are.
  • What the 5Cs of funding are and how to meet the tests.
  • How to evaluate each financing need independently and choose the best source.
  • What challenges to anticipate from any funder.
  • How to understand funding costs and calculate the real price.
  • What impact financiers have on managing your business.

Enrollment in this webinar includes the presenter’s complete program notes that will be made available before the broadcast, and the presenter will respond to all Q&A afterwards.

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