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Projecting Future Income and Cash Flow

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Are your company sales higher than ever but your cash flow has never been worse? This webinar is definitely for you. Learn how to identify the cash cycle for your business and begin to take control of your working capital.

You’ll hear how to estimate the future profits ahead and convert that to a cash flow roadmap to ensure you will never be short again. You will learn all this information from a seasoned banker who has coached hundreds of business owners on how to apportion their resources better to ensure healthy growth and maximized opportunity.

In this 75-minute presentation, you will also learn:

  • How to systematically predict your business cash cycle.
  • How future profits and current working capital correlate.
  • How to model the optimal cash flow for your business to prevent future shortfalls.
  • Why high-growth companies fail more often than low growth companies.
  • What inferences to take from your analysis and get external funding to succeed.
  • How to plan for growth and infuse discipline to stay the course.

Enrollment in this webinar includes the presenter’s complete program notes that will be made available before the broadcast, and the presenter will respond to all Q&A afterwards.

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