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Where are the Investors?

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Looking for equity funding to start a company or fund the growth of your business, but don’t know where to find investors? This webinar is definitely for you. Learn how to identify the many levels of equity capital available to business owners at every stage and where to go to pitch them for the capital your need.

You’ll hear what they look for in qualified opportunities, how to negotiate in each round of financing, and exactly what this financing will cost you. You will learn it all from a seasoned professional who has been involved with raising money from investors as well as investing in others.

In this 75-minute presentation, you will also learn:

  • Where to begin your search for investors.
  • How to get an investor’s attention with your deal.
  • The three key requirements angel investors demand from any deal.
  • The different stages of equity capital as you go from Friends, Family & Fools (FF&F) to an Initial Public Offering (IPO).
  • When investment bankers can sell your deal for you.
  • Where the richest markets for investors are located.
  • A step by step approach to valuing your company for investors.
  • What pitfalls to negotiate around for with equity investors.

Enrollment in this webinar includes the presenter’s complete program notes that will be made available before the broadcast, and the presenter will respond to all Q&A afterwards.

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