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SBFI Managing Director Charles H. Green has been a perennial contributor to many publications on various topics and issues concerning capital financing for entrepreneurs. His tutorials and commentary are drawn from two important career influences. First, he has more than 30 years experience in banking and finance, all of which were spent involved with small business funding. Secondly, he grew up in a family that operated a small business and worked in the business from elementary school through college.

Entrepreneurship has been an element of Green’s entire career and accordingly, he has many workshops, participated on panel discussions and directly mentored many small business owners over the years.

Note: If you’ve arrived on this page while searching for Small Business Finance Inistitute’s former conference “Stepping Up To Businesss,” Financial B%tcamp workshops or Money-Talk webinars, please be aware that these events have been discontinued at this time.



Green has written several books to tutor small business owners on how to successfully acquire business financing loans and investment capital. Links to additional information about these books is found below.

Banker’s Guide to New Small Business Finance (John Wiley & Sons, 2014) – Purchase at

Get Financing Now (McGraw-Hill, 2012) - Purchase at

SBA Loan Book, 3rd Edition (Adams Media, 2011) - Purchase at


Links to brief video clips of video interviews and workshops are below:

SBFI Workshops for Entreprenuers

Why don’t my tax returns match my financial statements?

How Do I Write a Business Plan Charles Green SBFIHow Do I Prepare a Loan Application

How do I handle negative events in my past when applying for a loan?

What factors affect my credit score?

What is a business plan?

Can I get a loan approved and avoid disclosing negative information to my lender?

What’s a financing proposal?

How do I write a business plan?

How do I explain poor financial results when applying for credit?

Should I repay a loan that’s been charged off?What is a Financing Proposal-Charles-Green-SBFI

What’s the best way to submit a proposal to a lender?

How do I handle bad credit in my past when applying to a lender?

What information does a lender need about my business?

Should I include a marketing plan in my financing proposal?

Video Interviews

Interview with Bernie Wolford, #4                                                                                  07/16/12  Buckingham Business Review

Charles Green interview with Bernie Wolford-Buckingham-Business-Review


Interview with Bernie Wolford, #3         07/10/12  Buckingham Business Review

Interview with Bernie Wolford, #2         06/27/12  Buckingham Business Review


Interview with Bernie Wolford, #1                                                                               06/25/12  Buckingham Business Review

Interview with Jelani Asar about How to Finance a Business                                        Jelani Asar-Income Protection

Interview with Jelani Asar about Small Business Finance Institute                           Jelani Asar-Income Protection

Interview with Jelani Asar about Small Businesses                                                   Jelani Asar-Income Protection

Interview with Jelani Asar about Venture Capital                                                         Jelani Asar-Income Protection

Interview with Jelani Asar about Small Business Loans                                            Jelani Asar-Income Protection

Interview with Jelani Asar about Where to Find Small Business Loans                   Jelani Asar-Income Protection


Links to many of Green’s articles are below:

Deep Dive on Deal Structure                                                                                     06/25/2014

Know the Difference Between a Business Plan and Financing Proposal                  06/13/2014

Collateral is the Backstop for Lenders                                                                         06/04/2014

Your Business Cycle Determines Your Fundability                                                       04/23/2014

Write Down the Details for Business Lenders                                                            04/18/2014

Prepare Business Lender Applications Patiently                                                         04/11/2014

Better Cash Flow Analytics: Five Tactics to Improve Cash Flow                                04/02/2014

If Money Flows Like Water, Why Are You So Thirsty?                                              03/14/2014

The New Entrepreneur: Odyssey for a Dream                                                                    12/25/2013

Why Too Many Entrepreneurs Don’t Know How to Raise Capital                               10/08/2013 Entrepreneur Magazine

Charles Green to Speak at Start-Up Bootcamp                                                                  11/10/2012

Understanding Loan Covenants: What You Need to Know Before You Sign         12/07/2011  Read Article

Guaranteed Lending Will Be the New Norm                                                              12/08/2010 Atlanta Daybook  Read Article

Business Borrowing Has Rarely Been More Challenging                                          09/28/2010 Sage City/Online Community

The Banking Crisis-Two Years Later                                                                           09/28/2010

Get Ready for Guaranteed Lending Again                                                                  08/05/2010

SBA Provides Perfect Tools to Stimulate Our Economy Back to Prosperity            07/30/2010 Sage City/Online Community

Oxford Book’s Story Didn’t Have to End the Way It Did                                           05/26/1997 Atlanta Business Chronicle





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