Stepfather Accused of Incurring $262,000 Student Loans

By Melisa Mercado

Amanda Murphy is suing her stepfather, Paul Dazen, for allegedly obtaining various student loans in her name amounting to more than $262,000.

According to Murphy, her mother, Pamela Dazen, and stepfather offered to pay for her Student Loanlegitimate student loan of $79,000 and took out a loan to be able to do so. Murphy further stated that her stepfather would ask her to sign documents, which she did without reading the contents thereof, because she thought they were for her actual student loan.

She later on discovered that through those documents her stepfather was able to borrow more than $262,000 in her name. She also found out that Paul pretended to be her and sent emails to various lenders saying she needed money for tuition and other school related needs.

Paul allegedly spent the money on personal and business expenses. He would ask Amanda to endorse the checks for loan proceeds and deposit them to his business account, which he added Amanda as a signatory. He is now facing charges for theft, receiving stolen property and dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities. As for the mother, Pamela, it is still unclear if charges will also be filed against her.

At present, Murphy is struggling to find employment, since background check on her would show that she has an outstanding debt of more than $444,000 in student loans, interests, penalties and other charges. The sad part is, authorities say that Murphy may be held liable for the loans taken out by her stepfather if he is able to prove that he did not act with malicious and fraudulent intent in using Amanda’s name.

Questions arise as to how Paul was able to obtain such a large sum of loans, considering that as far as the creditors are concerned, the borrower is only a student with little or no credit history at all.

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