SBFI Tracks Performance Data and Information About Commercial Lending

About Capital Views

Small Business Finance Institute (SBFI)  tracks various components of commercial lending results and lender performance through published results, aggregated statistics, market intelligence, and direct lender surveys.

This information is garnered from public data and industry sources, and then assembled with context provided by experienced commercial lenders. In addition, with collaborative partners, commercial lenders are directly consulted periodically to get information from the front lines of business lending on a range of issues to those delivering capital to small business concerns.

Visit this page frequently as we continue to build more analytics and long term perspective of how well our industry is meeting the needs of small business concerns with the flow of capital. This information can provide insight to your organization to help shape marketing strategies, business lending practices and increase your efficiency in the job of delivering capital to the market.

To meet our mission to foster a stronger, more profitable and responsive small business capital marketplace through better information, training, and mobility for individual commercial lenders, we assemble and maintain a comprehensive survey of commercial lending performance information.

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