Lender Training

Professional development for commercial lenders who want to be the best.

Small Business Finance Institute (SBFI) provides commercial lender training to span the entire career of lending professionals. From new hires to the Board of Directors, SBFI offers a growing curriculum of commercial lending courses to enhance every career and help lenders move upward to the next level of success.


All of our commercial lender training is provided through streaming video on-demand, Trainingand is developed and presented by commercial lenders with ‘hands-on’ experience or due diligence professionals from several disciplines that affect commercial lending. Viewing licenses are generally available for seven days after registration.

SBFI’s innovative commercial lender training platform offers instructive presentations with many features including:

  • Accessibility – Professionally-produced streaming videos through the internet, with crisp, curated content that’s more informative than webinars.
  • Comprehensive Content – Downloadable handout materials and course transcripts support viewer learning and provide course notes for future reference.
  • Convenience – Available 24/7 when you want to learn, rather than occasional classes and inconvenient, disruptive middle-of-the-day webcasts.
  • Expertise – Led by seasoned, commercial lending experts, respected due diligence professionals, and other experienced business veterans that offer vital topics of interest to commercial lenders. All of our trainers have 20+ years of ‘hands-on’ experience in their respective fields.
  • Flexibility – Available for individual and group viewing, with varied pricing for each choice.
  • Within budget – Training that never requires payment of membership fees or travel expenses.
  • Accountability - Coming soon! Post-viewing quizzes offer the option to test the viewer’s comprehension of the course material, for confirmation of their own understanding, and accountability to their employer.
  • Transcripts - Coming soon! Student training records, test results and certificate recognition will be tracked and retained for future reference as their career advances.


Follow our page category pages regularly for new course additions, or let us know if there are specific topics you are searching for to train your staff. Follow AdviceOnLoan to learn more details as our plans are announced.

For more information, contact Director@SBFI.org.

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6 Responses to Lender Training

  1. Bob Hancock, CPA says:

    I will contact Charles to be Instructor by late September

  2. Dorothy Wenker says:

    I am very interested in your upcoming training. Any updates on when this will take place?
    Thank you, Dorothy

  3. Tyrone Mingo says:

    Looking to get training

  4. Deborah Harris says:

    I’m interested in getting more information about upcoming courses. Please add my email to your list.

  5. aw says:

    Great innovation and much needed! Hoping you, the Best!

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