Lender Training

COMING SOON: Small Business Finance Institute will offer commercial lender training.

In the Summer of 2015, SBFI will introduce a comprehensive commercial lender training service,  provided through video on-demand. An extensive list of vital lender training programs, generally 40-60 minutes each, will be offered and presented by experienced commercial lenders.

SBFI will innovate commercial lender training by offering presentations that are:

  • Under ConstructionAvailable in professionally-produced streaming video, offered over the internet at home or in the office;
  • Programming will be offered 24/7, when You want them, not occasional training sessions offered annually or inconvenient middle-of-the day webinars.
  • SBFI video training never requires payment of membership fees or travel expenses;
  • All courses will be offered (and priced) for individual or group viewing;
  • All courses will provide handout materials and complete transcripts to support learning and provide permanent notes for future reference;
  • All courses will be led by seasoned commercial lenders, experts in lending due diligence, and other vital topics of interest to commercial lenders. All of our trainers have 20+ years of ‘hands-on’ experience in their respective fields.
  • Each course will offer a quiz to test the viewer’s comprehension of the course material and demonstrate their competence in the subject;Financial Coach
  • SBFI will track each student’s training record and retain transcripts for future reference as your career advances;

Check back to this page for more details in the near future or follow AdviceOnLoan to learn more details as our plans are announced.

For more information, contact Director@SBFI.org.

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5 Responses to Lender Training

  1. Dorothy Wenker says:

    I am very interested in your upcoming training. Any updates on when this will take place?
    Thank you, Dorothy

  2. Tyrone Mingo says:

    Looking to get training

  3. Deborah Harris says:

    I’m interested in getting more information about upcoming courses. Please add my email to your list.

  4. aw says:

    Great innovation and much needed! Hoping you, the Best!

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